The name ZI Fragrances was thought out essentially for sentimental reasons. Since I love my family and I am a lover of perfumes, I wanted to make a connection between my two main passions in life. This is where the brand ZI Fragrances was born; it is an acronym of my family initials.

Moreover, we all know how perfumes can trigger loving memories and often one tends to associate people or events with particular fragrances. Some women continue to wear their mother’s signature scent to revive fond memories. Others, such as intimate couples; forever remember the first time they met based on a particular scent. Personally, I remember the first time someone bought me a scented perfume, which is now forever associated with that person. Perfumes are the perfect gift; either to treat yourself or that special someone.

We are individuals with a passion for fragrance  — fragrance makes us happy.

We truly believe in the transformative power of scents and their ability to elevate emotions, engage and inspire people everywhere. Rich and amazing perfumes are for everyone. We’re excited to have you lovely people purchase from us and smell nicer and beautiful together.

 Our Mission

We are 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone applied perfume.

Go grab yours

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