(A) Payment must be made by the customer by debit /credit card or paypal including any other method available on zifragrances.co.uk

Note: Both payment solutions offered by zifragrances.co.ukuse debit or credit card option. The only difference is that with PayPal, you may be redirected to their own website to proceed, which does not affect a safe payment at all. It is 100% safe, therefore you can proceed to payment without any doubt

WHAT TO DO? Once on PayPal website: (1) Choose to pay as a guest, so you do not have to open an account with PayPal if you do not wish so. (2) Then fill in your payment details and pay for your order.

(B) To protect itself against the risk of payment default by the customer, zifragrances.co.uk reserves the right to exclude certain methods of payment in an individual case.

(C) The Customer agrees to receive a confirmation invoices through their e-mail.